29 January, 2007

With much gratitude and archival musterings, on a Sunday eve.

Dearest Chaps,
What a wonderful evening. My inception into high society fulfilled all of my
lofty expectations and then some. I awoke this morning to find my ample
bosom covered in stray feathery whatsits, and amongst them I did lie,
nostalgically pondering the events that passed, and how life really is a
remarkable thing.

Overwhelmed with a momentary wistfulness (which frequently I discover to be
flatulence, but only in my most private of moments), I decided to start a
Bi-purpose Linguistic (and) Orthographic Ghronicle before the moment
passed, as it does so quickly, and I once again become consumed by the
duties of my armoire.

I am quite convinced that this Ghronicle will some day be of great value to
the archivists of our time, especially what with the insipid and most
frequent invasion of the Vulgoisie upon both our civil liberties and lavish

So my dear chaps, at your leisure, I do entreaty you, add this
uber-telegraph net address to your list:
(omitted due to potential Vulgoisie perusal).

THAT'S ALL YOU NEED DO! So modern! You will then see your correspondence
promptly appear at uppercanadachapsociety.blogspot.com, suitably environed,
I feel, befitting the true pomp and grandeur of our Upper Crust.

As a test, I have posted the missives that didn't make it into our guest
book prior to Wildeflower's receiving it, as well as some nominal
photographic record of last night's revellry. If anyone feels my stylistic
choices to be in question, please feel free to change them, the statistics
for said B.L.O.G are cited pa(ren)thetically: (HA! excluded in this public posting to foil the Vulgoisie! HA!)

Enough. Now, I must to my armoire for my Sunday
I much anticipate future events with you all, and I toast you all and your
unparalleled skills of revellry.

Yrs satiatedly,

--Onwards always with tweed--

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