16 November, 2007

I was born a month before Jesus! Run come celebrate!

Ahoy Chapelures,

I invite you to my party.  Come.

Unlike some people who are as yet unborn, and so have no birthdays, and so are not turning twenty seven, I am having a birthday bash.  Oh yes.

Time: High Park Station

Place: December 1st

Date: 1 p.m.

Be there or be even more square than you already are.

Presents: Why, thank you. Food bank donations (they prefer $ to food, apparently - but either's fine) AND / OR
carbon offsets (http://www.davidsuzuki.org/Climate_Change/What_You_Can_Do/carbon_offsets.asp) are awesome.
If you give them to me, you will be awesome, too.

RSVP if you feel like it, in any form you like. Carrier pigeons are a classic idea, for those of you racking your brains for the perfect "creative RSVP".
If the idea of RSVPing gives you shakes and hives, don't do it. I will also be accepting high fives on the day of, in lieu of RSVPs prior to the event.

See you there. I expect that the more intelligent among you will be wearing neat camouflage-themed facepaint.
I salute your intelligence! Stand up and be counted!
The game will be followed by festivities back at my new homestead at 1579 Dundas (next door to my old place and the Lula Lounge, Matt Galloway's favourite club). You will note that in this way, I am combining birthday and housewarming parties. This is due to the fact that I am a genius. Because I am a genius, you should come to my party. Logic! I am a logitician!

The game is based on a combination of Stratego (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratego) and Capture the Flag.  You will like it.


P.S.  Orenzo, I lost the piece of paper wif your address.  One hopes that it has not fallen into the wrong hands.

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01 November, 2007

of the modest beginnings of the armoire secretary, recorded 10 November, 2006

(This missive sent from Penchance Polyflute the Loinhearted to UCCS founding members, forwarding the application for admission from one Pippa Ellsworth Marigold of the West-End Armoire)

.- - - . -. - .. --- -. .-.-.- -.-. --- -- -- ..- -. .. --.- ..- . / ..-. .-. --- -- / ..- -.-. -.-. ... / .... . .- -.. --.- ..- .- .-. - . .-. ... .-.-.- - .... . / .. -. ...- . .-. - . -.. / ..-. --- .-. . ... - .-.-.- / ( http://www.qbit.it/lab/morse.php for translation of Morse code)

Communique from the Inverted Forest as Follows:

Dear Charter members of the U.C.C.S. I would like to present to you an application of membership by the close friend of Douglas Fourier one Pippa Ellsworth Marigold. She has sent this electronic missive, and I find her to be an ample patron of the Chap Spirit. I put forward the motion to have her entrenched in to our Charter as a member. Will anyone second and third the motion?

Yours in heat,
Penchance Polyflute the Loinhearted

Here is her message to us. (she is a mistress of flattery indeed)

Dearest Dandies, Flaneurs, and most convivial chaps,
I have had the honor of being forwarded the latest correspondence from Mr.Wildflower to Sir Furrier, and am writing this with a slight apprehension that if I am not prompt in my reply, I will lay waste this second chance to be included in such fine e-pistles and worldy missives as you all seem to have been indulging in for some time.
For many a month now I have sat, sipping tea and staring out my basement window, at the flabby buttocks and unfortunate footwear that pass me by, wondering where and what civilization has gotten to. Could it be that the lifting of a dog's leg is all that is left to mark the cultural progress of my fair neighbourhood?
Well by the tiny balls of Christ, I fervently hope Not.
Perhaps, then, a hearkening unto new avenues of discriminating pursuits and dialogues will prove fruitful? I certainly hope so.
I have few recent tales of exotic lands, having landed, oh, now, four years ago, from mine own worldy travels; to this (ahem) "fair" city of Toronto, in the hopes of making something vaguely respectable out of myself. I am however prone to frequent bouts of teary nostalgia, for dreary foreign lands with overcooked food, for incomprehensible guides through highly underrated nooks and crannies of the East, as well as other less-spoken of but equally curious nether regions of this fair planet.
I would be most happy to partake in any like-minded meanderings, as well as perhaps contribute a thought or two from my modest corner of existence, were you to be so kind as to accept me into your brethren.
Most kind regards, and a toast to you all, mit (unintentionally) soggy biscuit,
Pippa Ellsworth Marigold. (Esquiré)

ps. (having just received an outline for potential membership, mere MOMENTS before sending this off, I would like to add a small...adjunct, complimenting the present members of the UCCS on their genius and all-round chapliness. So there. Pip Pip. Jolly Good.)