31 January, 2007

Just a box and a pinhole, and behold!!!

Dearest Chaps,
Oh Hoorah for such a stupendous evening of delightful company and dashing attire and wondrous conversation! I do value my time at the cabin, delighting in solitude and the thrills of solo adventure in the wild but this my friends... this IS civility!!! I am sure we made a good enough impression on the vulgoise (less one guitar player) to entice them to give up a culture of 'work ethic' and modernity and instead pursue much loftier goals such as being the finest dressed, or most impressively witty.
Some images were miraculously captured by the strange device I was experimenting with that evening. They told me, 'just point and shoot!' and I thought it couldn't be too different from hunting and so I pointed, and I shot... and here are some of the better results.

A most impressive gathering:

Our bookmaker extraordinaire and the Loinhearted examine the most fabulous guest book:

Further examination of the resplendent tome:

Further perusal is a guarantee:

A devastating glare from Ghandja Din as he stands in the most resplendent and grand company:

The Lady Guinevere at ease with a most fabulous chap whose name escapes me!!! please someone correct this grave faux pas!!:

Bagarvance and Penchance enjoy a pipe together:

The Loinhearted and Ms. Marigold, esq. examine some intriguing artifact (I'm sure):

The most unjustly doubted Ravenshaw and the bashful subject of his woodcuts:

Forgive me fellow defenders of tweed but it is late and I must anon... more daguerreotypes to come I assure you...

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