31 January, 2007

Change of estate

My dearest fellows,
What a marvellous evening spent in esteemed company and sublime spirits, despite the envious bar wench whose lackluster gin pouring left my palate almost in drought. Fie! A librarian was never harsher treated in a Library Bar, indeed, and I had half a mind to beat her with my glove.
I write now to beg you to reroute official correspondence to this, my city address, as it is long since I resided at the gmail estate. You are much more likely to find me at this home, as it is a much more suitable place from which to gallivant and, on occasion, cut a caper (if only for use with salmon and warm, browned bagels). 
So, lads, until we next meet for vermouth and civilized acts of civil rebellion, I look forward to your continued wit and wisdom, and wish you endless mirth peppered with a healthy dose of knavery.
I have also sent a copy of this letter to my dear friend and occasional cad, Edwick. Please extend to her all the wamth that one united to destroy the vugoisie deserves.
Pip pip,

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