30 January, 2007

to Douglas Furrier, aspiring archivist, and beyond.

Hmm. It will be interesting to see if my cyber footman can find you if I hit
reply from the B.L.O.G. message you have sent me.
In order to post daguerrotypes, Douglas, you must enter the B.L.O.G under
the guise of the armoire secretary.
Go to the Ghronicle page, click sign-in in the top right corner (under new blogger account), and input (removed to foil the Vulgoisie, please refer to your personal missives, chaps!).
This should allow you to post whatever you so wish to, providing of course,
it is befitting the civility of chapliness.
In fact, I shall send this to all chaps, since my intention was merely to
set up the archive, and then pass the secretarial duties to each member in
the form of the forwarding address, so that, hopefully, the archive might
run itself.
Quite something, this Ghronicle medium. Although I do disdain these modern
toys, they are, every so often, very useful.

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