15 September, 2007

a small here here to immortality from Penchance.

You show good form old boy, generosity is the spice of Mankind and you show it in droves. Its no wonder your Sherpas are so devoted to you, what with all the favours you dote upon them . Keep your tent cozy and full old boy those high peaks can chill to the bone.

Penchance Polyflute L.H.
Preparing for my Sojourn

P.S. If by chance you catch sight of the elusive Putnam Mongrel Hawk please try to identify its genus for me.

10 September, 2007

sunset saunter immortalized

After thoughtful and due consideration of the matter at hand... and
consulting my faithful Sherpa porters, I have come to see wisdom of
reproducing, in image, the buffoonery that was the Sunset Saunter. Hence I
am full of endorsement for Pippa's endeavor.

Jaxon Tethers
Himalayan Emperchment at 18,000 ft.