28 January, 2007

Some photographic plates from our evening of Pimms and Conviviality at the Royal York Hotel

What follows are only a few of the photographic plates taken from the evening's festivities, welcoming back to our small plot of land one Ozcar Wildeflower III. Alas, the armoire secretary is used to being...ahem...in front of the camera and not behind, and so these are by no means a complete record. I would suggest that all others blessed with ownership of one of these remarkable "cameras", contribute from their own vast archives, especially Furrier, since he seemed greatly occupied with a this sort of...voyeurism throughout the evening.

The UCCS membership in full regalia at the Library bar of the Royal York Hotel.
Founding Member Ozcar Wildeflower III, convivializes with ermine accessory.

Wanton Frippery in the UCCS pinning of Vivien Pickleford, the Grenedier
Chapahontas and Polyflute
The Vicar of Dual Cuntings and Polyflute the Loinhearted enjoy a pipe outside the Jersey Giant public alehouse.
The Admiral pays homage to Queen and flag.

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the Doctor said...

Pardon Pippa, but staying so long in the back woods and spending much time ordering the men to chop wood and such, I have not the foggiest on how to contribute the daguerreotypes I was lucky enough to capture at our reunion. Please inform and I will be glad to add to the collection.