05 August, 2007

Re: The 2nd Chap Olympiad - Prepare Thy Sporting Linens



What-ho Gents and Ladies,

Peerless news tiding to you, Prepare your inner beings for unconfinable Joy.

I am happy to Pronounce that this Saturday August the 11th shall be the date of:

The 2nd UCCS Chap Olympiad
To be held on Wards Island this coming Saturday

Come one, come all, come all day, come  all night.  Come again and again.
The Bi-annual event soon to be undertaken for the 2nd time shall feature  many of the classic spoftifs of the last Olympics as well as some new trial events.
What events you ask? Well let me inform you.
The Classics,
Imperial Rules Croquet (but of course)
Fountainside Impromptu Ballet
Old World Tourist Wooing
Crestless Cucumber sandwich tossing
The Great Gut Stretch Picnic luncheon
Attendant Football
The 100 yard Sunset Saunter

Trial sports
Labyrinth NAZI's
Umbrella Toss
ParasolKendo (for the ladies)
What will you need? You might ask  your butler to prepare you the some of he following:  Bright sport clothing or summer dresses, footwear suitable for walks in the grass, head wear, picnic basket filled with assortments of edibles to share, Umbrella or parasol (mandatory), field glasses, crestless cucumber sandwiches (the more the merrier), tea sets.
Hope to see you all out in your finest, this event is of course open to all who have someone with taste to dress them and, as always, is closed to the Vulgoise  (you know who you are).
Please forward to all who have been missed.
More news to come mid-week.

Yours Truly,
 Penchance Polyflute the Loinhearted

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