09 August, 2007

2nd UCCS Olympiad

Good Day, Chaprades,
my compatriots in Good Will, Good Sport and Good Gin.

A brief reminder of Saturday's UCCS Olympiad and Garden Sports Invitational.
[A long winded reminder to follow.]

Please arrive at the York Harbourfront Ferry Docks for 9 o'clock on the
morning of Saturday the 11th of August.
Given the Weather of late, we aim to partake in the Picnic, Sport, and
Ceremonies during the early hours, so that we may ferry back to the
Mainlande before any discomfort beneath the crisp collar.
And also that we may the earlier partake in a refreshing Pimms No. 1 Cup at
the Royal York.
Or several.
Chaps abroad will note this scheduling may allow the return to Vulgoise
undertakings later in the day.

This is a general call to have ready any wicker or reed picnic baskets,
thermal canteens, parasols or umberellas, and, of course, your finest white
or off-white linens for sporting vestment.

As ever, prepare yourself for Croquet, Brolly Gymnastics, Attendant
Football, Wading, and general Labyrinthine Athletics.

Until we Romp again.

Yrs in Simple Indulgences,
Ozcar Wildeflower III

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