22 August, 2007

of pomp and vigour on a Saturday afternoon: the 2007 Chaps Olympiad

My fellow chaps,
First, an apology, this e-pistle is long overdue, and shows a remarkable lack of grace with regards to due regards, erm, regarding the events of some weekends ago. Matters in the armoire swept me up, as always, and one must occasionally struggle past the fatigue of being...overworked.
I must thank you all profusely for allowing me to participate in the Vigorous sport and imbibations (sic) of early August, during this year's edition of the Chaps Olympiad.
I commend especially Ozcar's Exemplary organizational skills (indeed, ahem, i commend All his Skills, but for our purposes here, I shall restrict myself to the matter "at hand"), as well as his kindness in "manning" the croquet set and grocery purchases. His queen's wave to the vulgoisie as the boat left the harbour showed outstanding pomp and elegance in the face of the disagreeable rabble.
Penchance's examination of the inaugural prize pineapple was prompt, reliable, and dignified. Furrier's conquering of the rubbish after first being bested by it in the rubbish removal event was...unprecedented, and Chetsy's ballet-like manoeuvres and bookish tenacity in the face of the Great Gut Stretch will be remembered with great fondness in years to come.
Without further adue, dear chappies, i lead you across the fields of uber-telegraph land, to a small "cyber" album of dagu-E-rrotypes highlighting moments of the great day:


To come soon: the Autumnal Classic, and a Wintertime-tea-party, sure la glace! And this time we will not part ways until we have engaged dear Hendricks in a congratulatory libation. All Hail the Noble Flaneur!

TooRoo, laddies,


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