25 February, 2007

of near naked ladies, ice skates, and oversized puppets

My chapliest chaps,
First of all, 'twas lovely to run into a few of you at the Shameless Dames
burlesque on Friday. Wildeflower, the Lady R was very pleased to make your
acquaintance, and Sir Conrad only twitched once or twice with envy as your
fine manners and skilled idle banter no doubt wooed her from betwixt the
satin-clad ladies. Mademoiselle de Pompier (if indeed this moniker belongs
to you, I am in quite a shameful tizzy remembering which Chaply Title
belongs to which modern one, but I do try!) I must apologize for my
overambitious fingernails, and the security guard's aggressive mishandling
of your fine form, but you do understand that without my pastys, I am
Nothing. Nothing. I can appreciate you were spirited to see them...at such
close hand(s), and I promise to try to find you a pair of like quality for
when next we meet.
But anon! This short missive is an announcement for all who might be
inclined. A small and very amazing puppet company called Clay and Paper is
having a skating event next weekend at Dufferin Grove park. From 3 to 5pm
there will be skating at the ice rink there with very large puppets and one
of these modern musical phenomena they call DJ's. Should be glorious, and
'tis free as well, so you may save your ducats for hot chocolate afterwards,
should any be inclined. Here is the uber-telegraph address for any
interested parties, ( http://www.clayandpapertheatre.org/news.html)
Oh yes, and I do suggest forgoing chaply raiments for woolly underthings,
bellaclavas and mucluks, given the state of the weather these days.
I, for one, shall be wearing a parka beneath my pastys.

Cheerio, all, hope to see you on the ice!

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