02 February, 2007

A UCCS Nomination

Spendid recounting, Penchance!

Oh, how i've missed your sweetly cunning forked tongue. What wordwise
witifacts you craft!

On your invitation, i am proud to propose that UCCS Membership be extended
to the most strict, orderly, and warmhearted Chap i know, the

Lady Grace Bedfordshire
(ubernet address censored from possible Vulgoisie invasions)
Headmistress and Principal Disciplinarian,
Caulfield Grammar School

Who is also exceedingly adept with the birch rod.
She has been tirelessly maintaining the New Holland Refuge Centre for Chaps
Abroad, where the good Sgt. Furrier and myself have oft found solace,
sustenace and a firm birching before an enticingly early bedtime.
Lady Grace enjoys bircher muesli, toast soldiers with soft boiled eggs,
sunset promenades, and some of the earliest recorded bedtimes known to
Mankinde. She has no pets.

I anticipate that my Lady, pending her Membership, would appreciate only the
occasional posting of UCCS events, as her scholastic schedule and far
removed circumstances may leave her indisposed to receiving all of our
voluminous missives.
As such, i request that we exempt her from the primary UCCS mailing list.

I find the Lady Bedfordshire to be of the most worthy echelon of Chapkinde
and i humbly ask all you Chaps to please consider her for UUCS Membership.
Also, as she decends from an old House in Penzance with certain nefarious
nautical allegiances, i caution that crossing her may garner you a gleaming
cutlass held cold to the pulse of your neck.
I have learned not to defy her. I pray you follow me on this, lest it be
the plank [and not the spank] for you!

Ever your Student In Man,
ahem, Student Of Mankinde,
Ozcar Wildeflower

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