11 February, 2007

RE: A UCCS Nomination

I am fully too distraught to properly address my dearest chaps and lushes.

Yesterday only having just returned from an alpine saunter up the mountain
of Cype' and discovered this rather trifling missive... I felt I must reply.
In the negative.

May I protest? Is there room for dissension? I cannot sit idly by while we
allow such a sleepyhead scholastic-ridden liars-in to woo our one truest
chap to the hot wet climes of Oz.

For that is her plan. And no pets? By god.

I beg you. What can possibly be the reason for allowing such a nefarious
associate of the sea going hordes into our not-insubstantially vetted midst?
If propriety allows, for I speak only the barest observations as a modest
lady of indescriminate means, I dare say! Absolutely not. I am prepared to
face the not seemingly nice wayfaring house of which she is extended. No,
rather nay! to all nefariousness.

The Lady Pompier
Abreast in Wildes

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